What's New for 2020?

Medical Plan Changes

2020 Premiums

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Being a self-insured medical plan means employers and employees take on the responsibility for every medical and prescription drug claim that is processed. With the continued increase in medical plan costs, all claims processed have a direct impact on overall costs each year.

  • No employee premium increase for either medical plan in 2020
  • New Medical ID cards will be issued to all medical plan participants
  • Slight changes to deductible and out-of-pocket maximums for both plans

Dental, Vision and Life Insurance

There are no changes to premiums or plan design in 2020.

Flexible Spending Account Contribution Limit

The maximum contribution limit is $2,750 in 2020. This is an increase from the 2019 limit of $2,700.


New Services

Be prepared and know where to go for quality, cost-efficient care. Use the new Health Advocate team or ConsumerMedical to help you navigate the health care system depending on your medical needs. And check out Benefit Scout to help you with your life insurance questions.


  • Health Advocate - a new service from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is made up of non-clinical representatives that can address questions about benefits, consult with clinical nurses and pharmacists as well as other experts on specific health care needs. They can help find in-network providers, schedule doctor's appointments, or assist with pre-authorization steps including cost for health care services. It's available to you and your covered dependents at no additional cost and could even help you save money through the Member Rewards program.
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  • ConsumerMedical - a benefit that can help you and your family make more informed medical decisions and get better care at no cost to you. ConsumerMedical is a free benefit that provides personalized, one-on-one support to help you and your family.
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  • Benefit Scout - an educational tool created by Securian Financial/Minnesota Life that assists you with life insurance decision making. You are guided through a short series of questions to help you compare life insurance options and cost estimates. The tool will then provide coverage suggestions based on these responses and you can enroll in additional coverage on www.lifebenefits.com.

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