What's New for 2021?

Your employer is committed to helping you live well and make your decisions easier in 2021. That includes offering you the benefits and support you need to achieve overall wellbeing—for both you and your family. Based on employee feedback, we have taken additional steps to help you understand the medical plan choices and manage what you spend out-of-pocket on health care in 2021.

Highlights of key plan changes include:

  • Opportunity to receive an HSA Advance in Consumer Choice 1 medical plan option for employees who need an HSA funding advance at the beginning of the calendar year.

    • $1,000 employee only

    • $2,000 for all other coverage tiers

  • Average 4.8% increase in medical plan option premiums. The amount of increase is dependent on the medical plan you choose and your coverage tier (single or family).

  • $50 deductible increase for single and $100 deductible increase for family coverage. Out-of-pocket maximum increases range from $50 to $200 depending on the medical plan chosen and coverage tier elected (single or family).

  • No dental plan option premium increase for the second year in a row.

  • Decrease in life insurance premiums.

  • Vision plan to cover frames for adults every year with a slight increase to premiums.

New Guided Experience

The new Guided Experience video will help you understand your benefits and enroll in the plan that best meets your needs. You can navigate through the tool at your own pace to learn more about the medical plan options, things to consider when selecting a plan, and overall benefit education.

The “Help Me Choose” section guides you through a series of short questions about your medical and dental needs. After you answer the questions, you will see a recommendation of the medical and dental plan that’s right for you (and your family).

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