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Use the Plan Comparison Tool to compare which medical plan offered by Farm Credit Foundations fits best for you and your family.

The Farm Credit Foundation Medical Plan is self-insured. This means your employer pays the majority of the cost of health care for employees enrolled in the medical plan. You share in that cost by what is taken out of each paycheck (called premiums or deductions) as well as what you pay when you go to the doctor, hospital, pharmacy, etc. (deductible or coinsurance).

To help control the rising cost of health care, it’s important for you to make informed, healthy decisions and use the plans effectively. As in prior years, the change in cost depends on your plan and coverage tier (Employee, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Child or Family coverage).

​2020 Monthly Costs

Domestic Partner Rates

For Domestic Partner coverage additional deduction codes will show in your earnings statement. The reason for this is you will be taxed on the imputed income and pay a portion of the coverage on an after‐tax basis.

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