Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription Drug Overview

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Farm Credit Foundations prescription drug coverage is administered by CVS Caremark. The cost of your prescription medication will vary, depending on which medical plan you enroll in and the category of medication prescribed. Under both plans, you’ll pay the full cost of your prescription drugs until you meet your deductible. (There are no prescription drug copayments.)

Prescription Cost Estimator Tool

CVS Caremark has created a cost estimator tool that allows you to estimate your drug costs for 2021.

Medication Categories

  • Generic Drugs
    A generic drug is identical, or bioequivalent, to a brand-name drug in dosage, safety, strength, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. You will pay the lowest out-of-pocket cost for generic drugs.

  • Preferred Drugs
    These are prescription drugs that have been placed on a list of preferred drugs for a medical plan. Preferred drugs are brand-name drugs that are effective for treating specific conditions and are more cost-effective than equivalent non-preferred drugs.

  • Non-Preferred Brand Drugs
    Non-preferred drugs are prescription drugs that are not generic or on the list of preferred drugs. Typically, non-preferred brand-name drugs are the most expensive and/or have a comparable drug that is either generic or on the preferred list.

  • Speciality Pharmaceuticals
    Specialty pharmaceuticals are drug therapies developed to treat a wide range of complex chronic conditions, but generally serve a relatively small population of patients, most of whom have progressively severe diseases. Specialty medications can only be dispensed by CVS Caremark specialty pharmacies.

Prescription Drug Copays

(30-Day Supply)

Retail 90
(90-Day Supply at selected retail pharmacies)

Maintenance Choice
(90-Day Supply at CVS pharmacies only)

Mail Order
(90-Day Supply)

Generic Copay*

Consumer Choice 1 (with or without HSA Advance)
You pay 100% of the cost, up to the plan deductible, and then 20% coinsurance up to the annual out-of-pocket maximum.

Consumer Choice 2
You pay 100% of the cost, up to the plan deductible, and then the plan pays 100% because

Preferred Brand Copay

Non-Preferred Brand Copay

Lifestyle Drugs*

100% of Discounted Price

*Certain generic only preventive care prescriptions may be covered at $0 copayment.

**If you choose to get a Brand Name Drug when a Generic Equivalent is available, you will pay a penalty between the cost of the generic and brand name drug. That penalty does not apply toward your deductible or out-of-pocket maximum.

Save on Preventive Care Prescriptions

Preventive care is important for keeping you healthy today and tomorrow, and prescription medication that helps treat chronic conditions is a big key for your health.

We have partnered with CVS Caremark on a program that covers certain drugs classified as “preventive care prescriptions” at no cost, regardless of whether the deductible has been met. These include drugs that treat chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. View Preventive Care Prescriptions

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Prescription Drug Details

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