Who We Are



Farm Credit Foundations is a collaboration of Farm Credit employers who have come together over the past decade to create centralized HR shared services focused on meeting their own human capital needs. The first consolidation of HR operations occurred in 2002 with AgAmerica, Western and AgriBank Districts. The former Wichita District employers joined in 2007. Application for a 4.25 service corporation charter was submitted to FCA in 2011 and was awarded making Farm Credit Foundations an independent legal entity on January 1, 2012.


Today, over 40 participating Farm Credit organizations spanning 30 states and employing over 8,700 active employees (62% of the Farm Credit System employees and over half of the Farm Credit entities) gain competitive and economic value by acting as one employer.  The vision for Foundations is to achieve economies of scale and strategic advantage by:

  • Designing and offering a competitive employee benefits package for attraction and retention of talent,

  • Pooling plan assets in the investment markets to gain economic muscle and lower cost,

  • Leveraging new-generation HR information technology system, which individual organizations could not afford on their own, and

  • Ensuring expertise and effective operations in a quickly changing benefits environment to manage compliance risk.

Farm Credit Foundations employers access HR industry thought leadership and best practices through the expertise and breadth of experience of Foundations team members located in St. Paul, MN.  Employers capture the efficiencies and effectiveness of shared benefits design, administration, payroll services and related HR offerings. Through Foundations, their organizations are able to stay ahead of an increasingly complex and competitive workforce management environment.


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