• 401(k) Investment Fund Changes Coming June 2018

    June 12, 2018

    The Farm Credit Foundations Trust Committee recently decided to make certain changes to the 401(k) investment line up, which will be effective in June 2018. John Hancock Retirement Plan Services mailed a brochure to all 401(k) participants the week of May 28 that details the changes to the fund options.

    • New investment options added effective June 27

      • FCF U.S. Large Cap Stock Fund

      • FCF International Stock Fund

      • Vanguard Target Retirement 2065 Trust I

    • Investment fund removed effective June 29

      • Vanguard Wellington Fund

    Why are these changes being made?

    The changes to the investment menu are being made in a continuous effort to:

    • Lower investments fees for participants

    • Provide greater consistency in performance

    • Lower volatility

    • Allow broader asset diversification

    • Simplify the investment decisions across asset classes


    What do I need to do?

    You are not required to do anything. Existing balances and future investments will be mapped to the new investment funds as described in the brochure.

    If you do not want the mapping to occur, you can request future investment transfers (by June 27) and/or existing balance transfers (by June 29) via John Hancock. You can also make transfers after the fund changes and mapping take place.

    However, you may use this change as an opportunity to:

    • evaluate your overall asset allocation (stocks, bonds, cash) and individual fund selection

    • consider any of the three investment help options described in the brochure‚ĶTarget Date Funds, free online advice with Morningstar Retirement Manager or fee-for-service managed account with OnTarget