• Changing Benefits When You Experience a Life Event

    May 14, 2019

    There may be times when a life-changing event happens and you need to change your benefit elections during the plan year. Depending on the life event, you may need to add or remove a dependent from your benefit plans.

    How to Make Changes to Your Benefits Plan

    1. Complete the Life Event Declaration in Dayforce. After you log in to Dayforce, look for the form under Benefits > Forms

    2. Once the form has been submitted, an election window will open for you to make your benefit changes. This will be viewable under Benefits > Overview (click refresh if it is not displaying). 

      • If your life event is future dated, your enrollment window will open on the date of your event.

      • If your event is outside your eligibility window, you are not eligible to make changes to your benefits at this time.

    3. Your elections will not be processed until you click "Submit Enrollment".