• Office food safety tips that work overtime

    June 10, 2019

    Do you frequent the ‘desktop diner’? If you're one of the 70 percent of Americans who regularly eat at their desks, you can stay healthy by following these food safety tips:


    • Store your brown bag in the office fridge as soon as you get to work. Or pack your lunch in an insulated lunch bag and throw in an ice pack to keep foods cold.

    • Don't wait for the clean-up crew to throw out your leftovers from the fridge. Label and date your food and make sure to toss it in a timely fashion.

    • Be courteous when microwaving meals by keeping food containers covered. And if food splatters, wipe down the microwave immediately, while the food is still easy to remove.

    • Don't use the kitchen sponge if it's not replaced frequently. Instead, use paper towels and always wash dishes in hot, soapy water to keep bacteria at bay.

    • Keep hand sanitizer handy to use before eating and disinfectant wipes to keep your desk germ-free.

    Source:  American Dietetic Association