Employee Assistance Program When To Use

Life is full of challenges and surprises, ups and downs, highs and lows. Get the help you need from LifeWorks.

  • Emotional Well-Being

  • Addiction and Recovery

  • Work

  • Management Consultation Services

  • Financial Services

  • Legal Services

  • Parenting and Child Care

  • More ...

Emotional Well-Being

  • Consultation regarding but not limited to relationship issues, stress, coping with change, grief & loss, family & marital issues, adjustment disorder, depression, anxiety and domestic violence.

Addiction and Recovery

  • On-staff Substance Abuse Specialists
  • Consultation regarding but not limited to drug and alcohol abuse, mandated referrals, drug-free workplace issues, eating disorders and gambling.
  • Drug test positive referrals and case management for 1 year.
  • Case management of employer-mandated substance abuse referrals. Case coordination including referral for assessment, referral for recommended assistance, compliance monitoring through primary treatment and status reports to designated company contact.
  • Referrals to treatment centers, individual counseling, self-help groups and community resources.


  • Consultation regarding but not limited to co-worker relationships, discrimination and harassment, burnout, business travel, job insecurity and workplace change information.

Management Consultation Services

  • Dedicated Management Line: (800) 608-7515
  • 24/7 dedicated line for managers and supervisors. On-staff expertise regarding workplace concerns such as employee tardiness and absenteeism, disciplinary problems, employee performance and productivity, employees with substance abuse concerns, co-worker conflicts, workplace violence and managing virtual employees.

Financial Services

  • On-staff Accredited Financial Consultants who provide consultations regarding credit management, budget analysis, home buying, mortgage/refinancing evaluation, retirement planning, 401(k) plan questions, basic estate planning and questions about tax planning and preparation. LifeWorks does not provide investment advice or loan funds.
  • Mortgage Reports and Complete Financial Management Personalized Plans available.
  • 30+ financial calculators available on our website.

Legal Services

  • Telephonic access to LifeWorks’ on-staff legal team in addition to the services listed below.
  • 30 minute consultation with an attorney in-person or by phone per issue.
  • Consultations regarding divorce, family matters, landlord/tenant and real estate, consumer credit concerns, criminal matters or debtor/creditor issues. LifeWorks does not provide legal advice or representation, or review of real estate or trust documents.
  • 25% discount for services beyond initial consultation.
  • A legal library located on our website with helpful information on more than 900 topics ranging from elder and criminal law, divorce and child custody to naturalization and immigration. Printable, downloadable forms on a wide variety of legal issues from consumer and credit issues, to estate planning, family and personal law and real estate.
  • State specific forms (such as wills, non-medical power of attorney, and financial power of attorney) are available at no cost to individuals via our website.

Parenting and Child Care

  • Basic consultation regarding but not limited to parenting skills, positive discipline, child development, safety, becoming a parent and special needs issues.
  • Child care locators along with mapping online.

Resources for Older Adults

  • Basic consultation regarding but not limited to caring for elders, as well as transition to retirement, the aging process, caregiver support, federally funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, long distance caregiving and communicating with an older relative.
  • Links to Elder care resources and senior housing locator online.

Online Health Resources

  • Extensive Health Library of 8000 topics includes information on a wide range of diseases, conditions, injuries, and treatment procedures, as well as helpful interactive tools, medical news, and much more.

Extensive Educational Materials

  • Over 1000 LifeArticles (3-4 pages in length)
  • Over 200 Booklets, CD’s, Kits
  • Audio tips, videos, monthly podcasts with expert speakers

On-site Professional Training Seminars (available for an additional fee)

  • 60 - 90 minute on-site training seminars
  • Over 170 seminars to choose from, 60 - 90 minutes in length each
  • Also available via web-conferencing for multiple and/or geo-remote locations


Guide for Managers

Bring out the best in the people you manage. This guide describes the tools and resources available to you through the LifeWorks program to help you bring out the best in the people you manage.

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