This program is our way of saying we care about your health and you matter to us as a valuable member of the Farm Credit family. Farm Credit wants to help you live the best life you can, for yourself and for those who love and depend on you. It is not just about weighing a certain amount or being able to run a marathon. It is about the total picture of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
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All employees are eligible to participate in HealthyReturns, even if you are not enrolled in the Farm Credit Foundations Medical Plan. Spouses/domestic partners who are enrolled in the Farm Credit Foundations Medical Plan are also eligible to participate.

Health Assessment

The online Health Assessment is an important tool for determining your current health status. It gives you a snapshot of what you are doing well and where you can make some improvements. The online Health Assessment is a free questionnaire about your health that takes 10 minutes to complete.   
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Biometric Screenings

Biometric screenings are a valuable tool for measuring health and well-being. Knowing your values is essential to understanding your current health status and taking steps toward a better, healthier lifestyle. Onsite biometric screenings are completely confidential and take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Fasting is recommended, though it is not required.
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