In partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, participants have access to virtual medical services through MDLIVE.

Interactive Brochure

Learn more about activating your account, setting up a doctor visit and seeing a virtual visit in action using this interactive brochure.

MDLIVE is a virtual tool that allows for 24/7 access to a clinician for non-emergent conditions like:

  • allergies

  • cold/flu

  • ear problems

  • sore throat

  • and more

Participants can connect with a doctor using video chat or over the phone. Providers will evaluate the patient and recommend treatment, including a prescription (if appropriate). Learn more about MDLIVE

Cost of a Visit

The cost per visit is $44 (deductible and/or coinsurance will apply).

Availability by State

Please note due to various state legislation, this service has limitations in Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.

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