Prescription Drug Estimator

CVS Caremark has created an estimator tool that allows you to estimate your drug costs in either the Consumer Choice 1 or Consumer Choice 2 plan. This search tool can be customized based on the information you enter.

  • To get the most accurate results, you will need the exact name of the drug, along with dosage and quantity.
  • You have the ability to edit the pharmacy location, which may help you identify the lowest cost retailer in your area.

Keep in mind you can use current or future funds in your Health Savings Account to pay for prescription drug costs. 

Compare Costs Before/After Deductible

Two of the links below will display your prescription drug cost prior to your deductible being met, when you are responsible for 100% of the cost. The second two links will show your price once the deductible has been met, which is most important under the Consumer Choice 1 Option with 80% co-insurance.

How to Use the Tool


Copy and paste the web link into the address bar of your browser.

  • Prior to deductible being met

    • Consumer Choice 1:

    • Consumer Choice 2:

    After deductible has been met

    • Consumer Choice 1:

    • Consumer Choice 2:

The following screen should appear:


Edit the pharmacy located at the bottom of the screen and click Search and Price a Drug


Enter the exact name of your drug along with dose and quantity and click Search


The cost of the drug will display.

If the drug is covered under the Generic Preventive Drug list, there is no cost to you. The screen below will display.


Click on Search New Drug to research the cost of other drugs.