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When I can I start my 401(k) contributions?

Not until after you have received your first payroll check will you be able to gain access. If accessing for the first time, you will need to establish a User ID and PIN/Password. You will receive a brochure mailed to your home address.


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How do I elect life insurance coverage?

To enroll in life insurance coverage, visit For new users your ID and initial password are:

  • Your username and password are provided to you by your Farm Credit HR Representative.


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When will I receive my ID cards?

You can expect to receive your medical and dental ID cards about 10 business days after you make your benefit elections.


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Can I get a PayFlex Debit Card for my child and spouse?

You can request additional debit cards by logging into your account or by calling PayFlex directly at 1-844-PAYFLEX (729-3539).


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Will my dependents receive an ID card?

The Farm Credit employee is the primary policy holder of the coverage.  All ID cards will have the employee's name and ID number.  Spouses and dependents will use the Farm Credit employee's ID Card. 


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How do I confirm that my newborn baby has been added to my medical plan?

You can verify dependents coverage by logging into Dayforce. Under the Benefits section there is a link for benefit summary.  Once your newborn is added to your Plan, their information will display under the Benefit Summary section.


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My child has graduated. When will he lose coverage?

Children are eligible to remain on your plans up to age 26. Their coverage will end at the end of the month following their birthday.

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