After Retirement Medical

Under Age 65 Annual Enrollment

You will receive an annual enrollment packet from Farm Credit Foundations each November outlining any changes for the next calendar year.

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If you enrolled in retiree medical following your retirement from Farm Credit, your coverage will remain in place until you reach age 65. Your spouse may remain on the plan with individual coverage if you turn 65 prior to their 65th birthday.

The cost of this coverage is deducted once a month from the bank account information you provided at the time of retirement. You will see the cost of the coverage by viewing your monthly banking statement, as direct withdrawal from your bank account is one of the features offered to Retirees’ when paying for health coverage following retirement.

Your Coverage

Medical Coverage At Age 65

When you reach age 65, Medicare will become your primary provider on the first day of the month in which you turn 65.
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Cancel or Change in Coverage

  • You can drop medical, dental, and/or vision coverage for yourself and/or any dependents effective the first of any month. To drop your coverage, call or send an email to Farm Credit Foundations.
  • In order to make dependent coverage changes to your health and welfare benefits during the year (dependent), you must experience a qualifying status change event: marriage, divorce, death, birth/adoption, change in your spouse’s employment or health care coverage, spouse’s retirement, dependent no longer eligible.
  • To make qualifying status changes to your benefit plans, send an email requesting a change or call Farm Credit Foundations with questions. You have 31 days from the date of the event to make these changes.
  • Each November annual enrollment allows you to make changes or cancel your coverage without experiencing a qualifying status change event. However, if you previously dropped coverage, you cannot re-enroll. If you elected 18 months continuation of medical, dental and/or vision at the time of retirement, you are not eligible to make plan changes; you must remain in the plan you enrolled in at time of retirement.
  • Continuation coverage ends after 18 months and cannot be converted or continued.